PICS Symposium: Deformation, Defects, Diagnosis

Hosted by PICS and the Graduate Group in Applied Mathematics and Computational Science, D^3: Deformation, Defects, Diagnosis is a one-and-one-half day symposium focusing on the computational and mathematical issues associated with describing the deformation of data sets and ordered structures and identifying defects within these. This symposium is designed to bring together mathematicians, computer scientists, physical and biological scientists, and engineers from across Penn’s campus and the region with intellectual and research interests in computational science.

THURSDAY, MAY 28, 2015 – 8:00AM TO FRIDAY, MAY 29, 2015 – 6:00PM

External Speakers include:

Tal Arbel, McGill University
George Biros, University of Texas-Austin
Arup Chakraborty, MIT
Dmitri Chklovskii, Janelia Research Labs
Stefano Curtarolo, Duke University
Eitan Grinspun, New York University
Chris Rycroft, Harvard University

Penn speakers include:

Dani Bassett
Eric Bradlow
Bryan Chen
Christos Davatzikos
Zachary Ives
Ladislav Kavan
Elliot Lipeles
Andrea Liu
Talid Sinno
Joe Subotnik​

Registration is free but required.

Please register:

This symposium is made possible by the Provost Interdisciplinary Seminar Fund.