Penn’s CNT supports undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate concentrations in neuroengineering that focus on innovation and clinical translation. Our goal is to educate leaders who can function at the interface of clinical medicine, engineering, neuroscience, and industry.

Undergraduate Minor Program

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Graduate Certificate Program

The Health Technology and Innovation Program

To train advanced students in Medicine, Engineering and Business to prepare them for a career in innovation in medical technology and devices, broadly defined.  Technologies could range from implantable devices to software, to algorithms, to data mining-driven new insurance products. The target group is advanced students from each of these disciplines, and professionals in industry who have a technical background, including those who have completed terminal degrees in Medicine, Engineering, other quantitative disciplines, and Business.

Training Program in Neuroengineering and Medicine

The goal of this exciting new multidisciplinary institutional training program, based in the Schools of Medicine and Engineering at the University of Pennsylvania, is to train predoctoral engineering students and physician postdoctoral fellows in Neuroengineering and its clinical translation. Physician and Engineering trainees will learn and be mentored in a collaborative environment to become fluent in cutting-edge technologies at the forefront of Neuroengineering.