Lead Faculty

Kathryn Davis photo
Kathryn Davis, MD


Assistant Professor
Department: Neurology

Research Interest: Dr. Davis’ research centers around utilizing both the advancing fields of invasive neurophysiology and neuroimaging to better localize epileptic networks in medication refractory epilepsy patients. She hopes that improving localization will enable epileptologists to better localize epileptic networks and assign individual patients to the most efficacious therapy, for example, seizure control devices, resective surgery, or continued medical management.

E-mail: Kathryn.Davis@uphs.upenn.edu

Brian Litt photo
Brian Litt, MD

Brian Litt, MD

Center Director
Department: Neurology & Bioengineering

Research Interest: Brian Litt's lab focuses on applying new engineering technology to map and modulate functional networks in brain in order to understand and treat human disease. As PI and co-Investigator on government, institutional, and privately funded grants, Dr. Litt engages and innovates in the areas of hardware design, machine learning, cloud-based informatics/ signal processing and brain-computer interfaces. Clinical translation is an important goal of Dr. Litt's work, in addition to mentoring clinicians and scientists across fields. His collaborative group is composed of clinical and basic scientists and engineers, whose activities been enhanced by the creation of the Penn Center for Neuroengineering and Therapeutics where he serves as director. Brian Litt's lab emphasizes training in research, hosting 15 doctoral candidates and 10 post-doctoral researchers, including 7 residents and fellows, during the past five years.

E-mail: littb@pennmedicine.upenn.edu

Flavia Vitale photo
Flavia Vitale, PHD

Flavia Vitale, PHD

Assistant Professor, Smit Scholar
Department: Neurology

Research Interest: Neuroengineering: bridging chemical engineering, materials science and neuroscience; fabricating implants of new materials

E-mail: vitalef@pennmedicine.upenn.edu