Carolyn Wilkinson, BSE

Associate Director

Jacqueline Boccanfuso

Clinical Research IT Specialist

Everett Prince

Administrative Coordinator

Brad Litt

Clinical Research Coordinator

Magda Wernovsky

Clinical Research Coordinator

Nishant Sinha, PhD

Post-Doctoral Fellow

Nishant’s research interest is in understanding brain organization in health and disease. He
focuses on mapping and understanding epileptic networks. Clinically, these epileptic
networks are disrupted by therapies such as brain surgery, stimulation, or
pharmacotherapy. He studies why some patients recover fully after therapy while others do
not. Nishant makes virtual models of the human brain by combining neuroimaging,
electrophysiology, and routinely collected patient data. These virtual brains are
individualized representations of a patient, calibrated by their data, and provide a testbed for
clinical experimentation. Nishant studies how the brain networks reorganize due to therapy
and makes predictions that complement clinical decision-making.

Nicolette Driscoll, PhD

Post-Doctoral Fellow

My research is at the intersection of materials science, engineering, and neuroscience. I work on developing flexible bioelectronic technologies that leverage the unique properties of carbon-based nanomaterials. To realize these devices, I develop new fabrication methods that allow incorporating carbon nanomaterials into flexible devices. I have developed bioelectronic devices that range from implantable microelectrodes for recording and stimulating in the brain, to mm- and cm-scale devices for recording biopotentials from the surface of the skin. I am interested in using these technologies to shed light on the mechanisms underlying neural disease and disorders.

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Dhanya Mahesh

Clinical Research Coordinator

Jenaye Johnson

Research Assistant