Joost Wagenaar, Director of Neuroinformatics for the CNT spearheads informatics effort for Penn’s Center for Immune Health

Building those immune health data and prediction models into a standardized and scalable database is a multidisciplinary collaboration—encompassing data scientists and software engineers, immunologists, and phlebotomists—led by Joost Wagenaar, PhD, also an assistant professor of Informatics. The goal is a comprehensive data ecosystem combining multimodal clinical and research data that is easily accessible. Imagine the power of a database, Wagenaar said, that enables a physician to pull a quick analysis of patients on a specific medication or a scientist to build a cohort of information for drug discovery.

“What if all of the data is at your fingertips, and all you have to do is ask the right question?” Wagenaar said. “Would we be able to accelerate research? Would we be able to get to cures for patients faster? I think the answer is yes. Immune health is an extremely good use case where we can demonstrate that.”

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